Thursday, June 11, 2020

Racism, Whiteness, & Good Social Media Conversations

"The New York Times bestseller list this week is almost entirely comprised of books about race and white privilege in America." 

This is surely good news, long overdue. But what if you're not a reader? Or what if you are looking for resources to engage while you're out on a run? Here are some social media resources that I really appreciate and from which I'm learning a lot (in addition to Instagram which has seen a remarkable groundswell of tremendous resources in the last few weeks). I discover new resources each day from friends like you. SO WHAT WOULD YOU ADD? Where are you finding learning and life? Add one or a couple in the comments, and let's make a good list together.

Can "White" People Be Saved?
The Rev. Dr. Willie J. Jennings

One of the theologians I've for a long time (since grad school) admired and from whom I learn daily, Jennings' observations about the importance of geography and land (place, à la Wendell Berry) for conversations about race feels like the connecting of broken pieces that have long haunted me, but/and/also in a way that helps me see hope and new possibilities.

Also, he's as funny as he his insightful in these brilliant off the cuff remarks.

I came to Bomani Jones through Dan LeBatard and Stugotz (whose radio show is a favorite guilty pleasure and, in its own right, a fantastic radio show/podcast). LeBatard trusts Jones as one who understands issues of race in this country better than most, and that's enough for me. I enjoy and learn from his honest conversations immensely.

Instagram introduced me to Lettie Shumate a couple of days ago. Her podcast is patient, honest, and educating. Her arrangement of voices and history, and the gift of her own clear voice, is a gift to which I am regularly returning.


From Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups, by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun
Like a crowbar for opening the door, toward beginning to understand the deformed and distorted nature of the air we breathe.

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