Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pentecost Quiz

UW's International Student Services asked St. Francis House to make a short quiz to help people learn about Pentecost, as part of a larger, educational diversity project on campus. Thanks to those on FB who lent inspiration to the quiz, which is made to teach as much or more than stump. How'd you do?

1. The Christian feast of Pentecost is sometimes called the _________ of the church.

A. Annual Audit
B. Facelift
C. Birthday
D. New Year

2. According to the book of Acts in the Christian New Testament, bystanders at the feast thought Peter and the other disciples were drunk because, although the people were gathered from many countries, 

A. Each person heard the disciples speaking in their own language.
B. The disciples slurred their words.
C. The disciples danced without inhibitions.
D. The people were given over to prevailing stereotypes typical of the time.

3. According to the gospel of John, Jesus' giving of the Holy Spirit is linked to the gift of 

A. Fire
B. Forgiveness
C. Foresight 
D. Fasting

4. In Acts, on Pentecost the disciples are said to have received the Holy Spirit, which alit on their heads like

A. Small, tame animals
B. Jars of oil
C. Loaves of bread
D. Tongues of fire

5. In the book of Galatians, all of the following are named as fruit of the Spirit EXCEPT:

A. Love
B. Joy
C. Peace
D. Forbearance
E. Kindness
F. Self-Righteousness
G. Goodness
H. Faithfulness
I.  Gentleness 
J.  Self-control

Answer Key:
1. C
2. A
3. B
4. D
5. F

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