Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Coronavirus: 4 Resources for Christians, Parents, and Churches

The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas recently sent an outline of practices to local churches that will helpfully keep congregations ahead of potential threats to especially vulnerable members of our faith communities. If you belong to that diocese, expect to hear more about these practices from your local clergy in coming days. The main thrust of these practices is directed at minimizing transmission of the coronavirus, should it come to our communities. 

The links below are offered as additional resources for staying present to the situation and each other, from a variety of pastoral angles. As a parent, I'm especially interested in resources that help me talk to my kids about the situation without keeping them up at night. There are a couple in the list here. 😉

[ ] Episcopal Relief and Development - includes guidelines, resources, safe measures and equity for church workers, and prayer.
[ ] NPR comic for kids - SUPER HELPFUL. Highly recommended. Printable for distribution.
[ ] Fear can be contagious, too - talking to kids about media coverage.
[ ] Flu Season, the Coronavirus, and the Church, from the Wisconsin Council of Churches - a bevy of resources ranging from scriptural and ecclesial frameworks for engagement, best practices, responding to the needs of our neighbors, countering bias, and addressing anxiety.

What else are you finding that's helpful? Comment below!

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