Saturday, January 13, 2018

That Your Presence May Be the Joy of Our Home (A Parent's Prayer)

During this break between semesters, I've been spending time with the prayers of the revised St. Augustine Prayer Book, a lot of which are really great. Previously I've shared this one, For the Lonely, which is equally a prayer about friendship. Today I want to share another to which I've been regularly returning, A Parent's Prayer:
O gracious God, I commend my children to you; let them know you to be their God and protector, their creator and savior, the rock of their life and the goal toward which they move. Pour your grace into their hearts, and confirm and multiply them in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, that they may abound daily in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus; may they find joy and wonder in all your works, and grow in faith, hope, and love toward you and all people. Of your infinite goodness, provide whatever they lack from my fault or negligence. As you have called me to this great work, awaken in me the patience, the wisdom, and the love necessary to complete it, that your presence may be the joy of our home and our eternal hope. Amen.

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