Thursday, July 17, 2014

Reading the Gospel (Together)

"When we open the Gospel, each of us can say, 'These words of Jesus are rather like a very ancient letter written in an unknown language. But since it is written to me by someone who loves me, I am going to try to understand its meaning, and to put into practice right away the little I have grasped...'

"No one is able to understand the entire Gospel in isolation from others. Each person has to say, 'In this unique communion which is the Church, what I do not understand of the faith is understood by others who are living from it. I do not rely on my faith alone but on the faith of Christians of all times, those who have gone before us, from the time of Mary and the apostles to those of today. And day after day I prepare inwardly to put my trust in the mystery of faith.'"

 - Brother Roger of TaizĂ©, from the introduction to The New Testament: Selected Readings (Fount, 1993), 8-9).

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