Sunday, June 1, 2014

5 Things I Want To Remember, Day 1

1. This. (And all the other photos friends shared today from the places where they started the journey.)

2. What John Walton says is really going on in the six-day creation.

3. In the second creation account, the water that covers the face of the earth comes from the ground, not from rain, which - says my footnote - "comes and goes capriciously." As a Texan whose home state has no natural lakes and little rain - but does know spring-fed rivers! - I find this nuance beautifully compelling for Eden and the waters of baptism. For truly, to be baptized into the death and resurrection of Jesus is to be immersed in the water that comes from the ground.

4. Earth, ground, dust, and land are everywhere part of the story - from Adam's curse to Abraham's promise, which means (at least) that this conversation with Ellen Davis and Wendell Berry is very much worth your time.

5. The fear that lead the people to build a tower at Babel - "that they would be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth" - is precisely what building the tower led to.

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