Sunday, February 23, 2014

We Refuse to Be Enemies:
Daoud Nassar and the Tent of Nations

At worship tonight, I read an except from Tyler Wigg-Stevenson's book, The World Is Not Ours To Save. You should buy it and read it, which is why I'm not reprinting the excerpt here. That, and it's really long and would be as hassle to type, and I'm lazy. The except is titled "We Refuse to be Enemies." It's the story of Daoud Nassar and his family's struggle as farmers "on the last remaining Palestinian-owned hilltop in West Bethlehem." Daoud's story is a powerful, beautiful, challenging picture of what love of enemies can look like for followers of Jesus. So go find the book. Also, here's the story in video form, from the Tent of Nations' website.

Whether you are American, Israeli, Palestinian, Russian, or Swedish, the question still remains: 
"Will you love your enemy for the sake of Christ?"

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