Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Chaplain's Smack-down Challenge

Beginning next week, St. Francis House is unveiling a ridiculous project we call "The Chaplain's Challenge." Here's how it works:

Every Sunday, the Chaplain (that's me) will reveal one challenge for the coming week. Since we're just starting the game, we'll play the first round open-hand:

So, for example, on Sunday, February 9, I'll announce that that week's Chaplain's Challenge is to play a game of ping pong with the Chaplain. No extra points or prizes for beating the Chaplain; you "win" simply by taking up the challenge. For each challenge, you get a "point." Points accumulate throughout the semester. Points can be used to get for FREE THINGS that otherwise would cost you money, like the 2013-2014 SFH t-shirt (5 points). The point leader at the end of the semester will have the opportunity to accept a spectacular end-of-year challenge the SFH community's end of year gathering.

As an added wrinkle, points earned in consecutive weeks are worth more than points accumulated in non-consecutive weeks. How does that work? Take a look:

                                 Bob                   Nan
Week 1
Week 2                        *                        *
Week 3                        *                    
Week 4                                                  *
Week 5                        *                        *
Week 6                        *                        *

TOTAL                      4                        5 (4 points + 1 bonus point for accepting
                                                                  challenges in 3 consecutive weeks.)

In the example above, Bob and Nan each took on 4 challenges over 6 weeks. Each received 1 point for each challenge, for a total of 4 points. Nan edged her friends's total, however, because for every 3 challenges accepted in consecutive weeks, a bonus point is awarded.


1) How do I accept a challenge?
After the week's challenge has been announced, you can come by St. Francis House during that week's open hours. Walk-ins are welcome; equally, if your schedule is tight and you need to know you can get your challenge in right away, you can text the Chaplain [608-514-6580] to reserve a time.

Challenges will not be accepted in the hour leading up to Sunday's worship, but will be accepted after Sunday dinners and before and after Wednesday night programs.

2) Can anyone participate?
Anyone can participate. Points accumulate for young people under 31.

3) And - what's the point?
Fun is underrated.

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