Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What You Told Us:
Old Testament Survey Feedback

CY has been featuring a month-long series of guest posts on the importance of the Old Testament for Christians. A few weeks ago, we asked for your input. Here's what you told us:

When do you read/hear the Hebrew Scriptures (Christian Old Testament)?

100%  Sunday worship
73%    Individual daily readings
55%    As the Spirit leads
36%    Weekly group study
9%      Other
0%      Daily readings with family
0%      Not at all

How satisfied are you with your familiarity of the Old Testament?

36.5%   Very Satisfied
36.5%   Pretty Satisfied
27%   Not Satisfied


"This past year have been working on Proverbs and Psalms - so learning a lot more of the OT... have not read many of the smaller books of the OT"

"but lets face it if I was really that dissatisfied with it, I would try harder"

"I'm an EFM graduate and mentor, a 17-year affiliate of a monastic order and pray the offices, so I may not be representative."

"I hear or read the OT during Sunday worship, daily Morning Prayer, and in preparation for my weekly EfM group (I serve as a mentor)."

"Still lots of room for improvement in OT knowledge, but reading it through is the best's a narrative, not a devotional."

We had also asked, "How would you tell the story of Scripture in 5 words or less?" I regret that we've lost those results somewhere in the Book of Face. We'll add those results if/when we find them, because they were really good.

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