Monday, February 11, 2013

Resources for Lent

A couple of days still before Lent. Here are some resources for Lent that I have found (or think might be) helpful. Please add your own resources in the comments' section of this post. With prayers for a Lent that is holy, life-giving, preparation for the great Paschal mystery.


1) Shedding Light on Lent: How the Transfiguration Shows Us What Lent is For; a homily that frames Lent within the central context of Jesus, baptism, and the destiny of God's people.

2) Common Prayer; a daily prayer resource based on the 'Ordinary Radicals' movement within the Church. Contains frequent references to contemporary issues with a strong emphasis on Christ and Christian living. Seasonal practices are helpfully suggested.

3) Lenten Meditations for Young Adults, (via the Episcopal Church); this series, written by young adults - including yours truly - debuts February 13.

4) Abiding by Ben Quash; this year's Lent Book, commissioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

5) Your Book of Common Prayer; especially the service of baptism (p299), the Easter Vigil (p285), and the Daily Office.

6) The Liturgy; don't stop going to Church during Lent; worship may be the best resource your have.

7) Your Bible; last but not least, read some Scripture. If you are looking for a place to start, the lessons outlined on page 288 of the BCP are a good place to start.

Observation: Reviewing this list, it is probably the case that the resources appear in reverse order of importance, though in that case 6 and 7 are a) and b) of the same number. Don't go to Church and not hear the Word; don't read your Bible without the Church. You know, keep your preacher honest.

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