Saturday, December 15, 2012

Songs of Grief:
3 Songs after Friday at Sandy Hook

Media and social media have offered plenty of words in the not-quite 48 hours since the shooting deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Many of those words are likely not as empty as they seem right now, but my ears stopped trying to listen that closely pretty early on. (Part of me refuses to believe that anything intelligible can be said without more time than has elapsed.) Numb. Empty. Echoes. Distance. Stop. All words that begin to scratch at grief like this.

Unexpectedly, my ears opened up tonight at dinner, not through words, but through three particular songs, each giving voice to a separate, distinct part of the conflicting chorus of this grief and yearning. For those who need an alternative to words.

Where is the Love? (lyrics)

All Will Be Well (lyrics)

Finally, Andrew Peterson's Doxology (song and lyrics). The only (to my knowledge) recording of this song on the net.

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