Friday, May 18, 2012

Request on Behalf of a Friend

Sisters and Brothers,

A dear family friend - one of Jude's godparents - has been caught in a legal battle stemming from false allegations made while he and his wife served as foster parents. Apparently, it is not uncommon for the legal process in instances like his to be so cumbersome and financially restrictive that many families simply succumb to the allegations because they cannot afford to pursue justice. At the outset of this journey, friends and strangers alike encouraged our friend to fight the allegations not only for his own sake, but for those who cannot afford to do so.

Over a year later, this friend and his wife have invested $60,000 of their own funds and have seemed to be making progress, yet they do not have resources to continue beyond what they have already given. I ask to you to please read my friend's situation in his own words and consider setting aside a donation for his cause and the cause of those he represents.

You can donate/read his appeal here:

I've also included his words at the end of this email. If any of you would like to be in contact with him directly, where he is able to talk more freely about details of his situation, please let me know. I am happy to make that connection.

Gratefully, and in Christ's Peace,

The Rev. Jonathan Melton
St Christopher's by the Sea
"Grace exists, therefore, only where the Resurrection is reflected." Karl Barth


"Many of you have walked with us and supported us as the "village" during our fostering of children in Durham County. This year we have been wading through unchartered territory. I will not get into details in this space about the tragic and troublesome road we have been on and continue to travel down this year in our fostering experience. Many of you have asked about ways in which you could support us during this time. We welcome your prayers for justice and peace and for our well-being.

"Another way you could offer support is by donating to our cause. As we continue down this road that we have been forced to travel down, legal fees have been and will be substantial. We ask for your support as we seek out justice, not only for ourselves, but for others that might find themselves in similar situations.

"We pray for a speedy resolution. If we have funds remaining, these will go to support L’Écôle de Nôtre Dame, an elementary school in the mountain village of Molas in Haiti. This is a school and community that our church has been the primary support of for years.

"I will be posting updates when possible. We have such incredible family and friends. We are grateful for all of the ways you have shown love to us during this time.

"Grace and peace."

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