Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Inquirers Are Asking

Baptism: What is its significance in achieving eternal salvation?

Explain: immersion, holy water.  What is holy water?

What are the "parts" of the Church called?

When did the "ritual" of the Mass start?

What about the crusades - what with all the killings?

Why do we strip the altar?

What do you want from me?

Can you give us a list of the other denominations that believe the "same" ways?

Who makes the decisions about which other denominations that believe the same we would incorporate or join with?  Does the congregation have a say in this decision making?

What about commitment to your own church?  How does that happen if members all believe the same as other denominations?

How do you make your church stronger?

What miracles have you witnessed that even an atheist would regard as the real thing?

Does God desire unity of his church?

Does [unity] take priority over non-essential doctrine?

Why don't we just merge with the Catholic Church?  (Not saying we should.)

I was brought up making the sign of the cross.  Therefore, I always make it.

[Is there] something specific that ought to be said when taking Communion?  (Amen?)

Wafer into hand or mouth (like the Catholics)?

Why baptize babies?  Why not wait?

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