Saturday, March 17, 2012

This Week on the Blog (Mar 11-17)

SATURDAY, MAR 17:  St John's, Joel Martinson, and John 3:16
Tomorrow's readings, for Lent 4, feature that great verse from John's gospel: God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him...[These] words inspired countless and gifted composers, and the results of their inspiration were devastatingly beautiful.

FRIDAY, MAR 16: Thank you, Rowan Williams.
There will be lots of things that make for good scuttlebutt on the Anglican front in days ahead: who will replace him, implications for the Communion, all the rest, but I am thankful for the wherewithal to be grateful for Rowan's ministry today.

WEDNESDAY, MAR 14: The Day I Stopped Preaching
I will forever remember this meditation with special fondnessIt was Holy Week - my first as the sole priest at a church - and I had a total block.  Overload.  Too much.  I could not preach.  Bek said, "Then don't."  Huh?  "Just respond."  Oh.  My perceived burden relieved, I sat down and fell in love with God's story again.  

TUESDAY, MAR 13: A Punchy Priest Recaps a Long Day
This is how the Body daily washes one another's feet; tired, behind, lagging, at the end of the day, still all the way present, all holy privilege; another altar perilously constructed on the edge of daily living; another midwife moment in the stable as our Lord patiently joins our lives, our deaths, to the work of his own... 

In the original post, I offered some tangible examples of what I imagined sacrificing sacrifices might look like.  Mostly, they involved unhooking myself from what Donald Miller has called the imaginary script in which I am the hero to every scene in a movie about me.  As I've made my way through the Lenten journey, however, another thought linked to concrete practice has returned to me again and again.  This is the thought: sacrificing one's sacrifices has everything to do with adoration.

What does it mean for God to be jealous? A sermon preached March 11 for Lent 3 at St Christopher's by-the-Sea.

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