Sunday, February 12, 2012

Marked as Christ's Own:
Jude's Baptism

A blessed and joyful day today with family and friends at St Christopher's as Jude was baptized, sealed by the Spirit, and marked as Christ's own forever.  Bishop Lillibridge presided and offered the good word moments before the event: he observed that babies are always, well, observing, taking in, studying us.  We are making impressions.  He asked something along these lines: "How might your life be an example worthy of this observation and taking in?"  That's at least part of what it means to be a Christian, he said: to consider the impression of faith that we impart to a baby's eyes, and to the world and one another.

Delighted to have Catherine and the Reads on hand as godparents, and standing as proxies for the Scoggins.  We love you guys!  Overjoyed for days of celebration like these in the St Christopher's family, and across the whole Communion of Saints.

With Jude's wonderful painting from the Reads.


  1. Blessings sweet, boy! Hate we had to miss this occasion. We were there is spirit.

  2. We know y'all were, Jenni, and we thought of you much throughout the day. Love you guys, and hope to see you soon.