Monday, January 9, 2012

The Best Marriage Sermon Ever

Great article here on marriage that I wanted to share.  It happens to share Stanley Hauerwas's great line about marriage ("you always marry the wrong person") that I first received from my priest in the context of premarital counseling.  I would add to the article that the kind of love that marriage requires (and the Gospel makes possible) is beautifully captured in what is hands-down the single best sermon on marriage that I have ever heard.  That sermon, given by an eighty year-old Catholic priest, began by informing us in the congregation that there are exactly ten steps required for a faithful and fruitful marriage.  In no particular order, here are the steps that he went on to share:

1.  Forgive.

2. Forgive.

3. Forgive.

4.  Forgive.

5.  Forgive.

6.  Forgive.

7.  Forgive.

8.  Forgive.

9.  Forgive.

10.  Forgive.

I'll forever be grateful for this sermon.

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