Monday, October 10, 2011

Defining Institution in Church: a 1 Question Survey

After an instructive phone convo with a friend about this post on institutions, he and I agreed that understanding what was meant my institutions might help the Church recognize what it means to be institutional, and most especially to better keep institutions in service to the Gospel imperative ("Go!  Tell my disciples that I'm risen from the dead!"), as opposed to something else.

Thus this quick survey:

 When you think of the church as institution, are you MOST referring to the:

a) structure, order, and protocol of your home church congregation
b) larger, diocesan network of which your home church is a part
c) membership of your local church in a national/international communion
d) financial obligations of your church (local, diocesan, national, or otherwise)
e) other (please explain)

Thanks for your help!


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