Sunday, May 15, 2011

a day in the life on the Lord's Day

Good, long day today. Began at seven-thirty this morning with the discovery of beautiful, anonymous sidewalk art on the church entry-way. (It looks fantastic, Kathia!)

It continued with the generous gift of a gorgeous, giant tiger for Annie, from Catherine, who works at the Asian Cultures Museum. Annie was born in the Chinese calendar's year of the tiger. Thank you, Catherine! (All this, and I hadn't even vested yet!)
Worship was joyful. After the second service, I learned that we were visited this morning by a guest from the Diocese of Tokyo! The youth shared with the congregation about their upcoming work week with Sea City; they'll work for a week repairing and replacing roofs in Corpus Christi for those unable to afford it. Then it was off to lunch with friends from church at Dos Comales, my new favorite restaurant. And then to the island for another church gathering with friends. Afterwards, at dinner with the Boddie's (at Snoopy's), we ran into the McClellands, good friends from Boerne that we definitely didn't expect to run into. Pretty crazy. And so glad we did. Then ice cream and a long drive back home, saying goodnight to Bek and A-bear on the phone.
Had no idea at the outset that the day would be so richly blessed. But then, the way it started, maybe I should have guessed.

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