Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the company of saints

This year, the Presbyterians have invited us to partner with them and other churches to provide a community-wide VBS program. May 31-June 3. Anyway, I'm excited. Serving with brothers and sister who up 'til now have been strangers. Living gospel. Newbigin, maybe Claiborne, would be proud. And then, at a partner planning meeting at 1st Pres, an unexpected gift: this stack of photos from the last time these churches partnered like this: 25 years ago. Wonderful. Also sobering. Not only had they been there done that, they did it a loooong time ago. A quarter century! (for perspective, I may or may not have been old enough to attend their camp). They, just like us, now coming together. Just like us now, praying to live out this gospel. So thankful for their company just now; for their witness. Praying to take a small step in the direction they imagined-following the footsteps of our Lord. Grateful.

My favorite.

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