Thursday, September 2, 2010

Signs of the Times...

I regularly marvel as the Halloween costumes show up in drugstores sometime mid to late August. I'm not above rolling my eyes at the inflatable Santas that, no doubt, will surface just after Labor Day. And yet, there is a sense in which without these forward glances other times would be upon us as if without warning, and we'd wonder why nobody told us. "Is it September already?" a friend recently asked via Facebook. The children will tell you, with enthusiasm. The parents will tell you, with perhaps greater enthusiasm. It's here! Look alive! Lest the anticipated moment too quickly become just another passing moment until the next thing we anticipate arrives and, in its turn, also passes, we do well to look around, breathe deeply the air, and enter the moment - with a fresh sense of God's call and the peace of God's presence - God being present to us.

So I'm walking around the church this morning, both slowly and quickly arriving at the moment that's very nearly upon us - the beginning of Sunday School one week from this Sunday. The signs are clear, as is the response of so many of you, praying, preparing, seeking to be present to God's being present to us. The year ahead is rich with God's promise.

Bless you. May God inspire our hearts again as we enter this new season with Him.


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Location:St. Christopher's

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