Wednesday, August 18, 2010

office space

Back in the office today for the first time after our family vacation. Grateful to be home and for fresh eyes, new perspective. Enjoyed catching up with folks this morning (Tina, our former Family Minister, is back in town for the week and dropped by). Junior Warden Earlene also stopped by with stories, adventures, and her contagious smile. I spent the afternoon wrestling with Hebrews, the Consuming Fire, and remembering George MacDonald. Also walked the grounds today, wondering what God would call us to do with the stretch of our property that we share with our neighbors. A community garden?? Lemonade on the lawn after service?? Ice cream socials in the evening?? Picnic tables?? Weekly evening prayer around a fire pit?? It's a wonderful thing to look up and discover an abundance of gifts.

And seriously - especially to my St. C sisters and brothers - let me know what you think: how might God be calling us to use the gift of this land?

1 comment:

  1. liking the fire pit idea. maybe a community garden??



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