Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ."

Courtesy resolution present on the Council theme at the 106th Diocesan Council of West Texas.

Right Reverend Sirs, Friends in Christ of this 106th Diocesan Council:

WHEREAS, the Committee on Reconciliation has helpfully called to this Council’s attention guidelines and methods for the development of mutual understanding and careful listening; and

WHEREAS, the bishops of this diocese have commended to this Council’s practice said methods of mutual understanding and listening;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this Council affirm those good things which we by careful listening have heard and received from one another, including and most centrally the Scriptural admonition, so often here cited, to relieve the burdens of bears, in this and every land: grizzly bears; polar bears; black bears; koala bears; teddy bears; and particularly those bears in the state of Hawaii; and

(the bartender said, bear, why the big pause?)

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the careful listening of this Diocese affirm the bishops’ commendations to empty the pews and shoot our horses in conjunction with the recently unveiled one hundred and nineteen year mission development plan advanced by strategic officer John Rayls and the Diocese, and modeled in the parish of Trinity, Junction, and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that even the least careful listening hears and recognizes the constant laughter of the Spirit so present in this People, who, sharing in God’s joy, affirm here their delight in their joy as God’s Church for the life of the world --

Oh, I almost forgot. I can see God’s House from here.

Right Reverend Sirs, we so move.

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